ICT based learning – what are the essentials?

I have been reading some blogs of fellow students about their understanding of including ICTs in an authentic and meaningful way. I have to admit that prior this course I did tend to see ICTs as a type of integration that supplemented the delivery of the curriculum aspects and less like a transforming process. I also saw it more as something the teacher ‘did’ or ‘used’ rather than the students (apart from the once a week computer instruction in the lab).

I have since revised that understanding and now understand the difference between integrating technology and using technology. This blog post form teachbytes provides a nice clear table to explain the difference. The big idea that stood out for me was using the technology to learn.

Aspen provides a link in her blog to an article outlining good practice with ICT’s which I found interesting and possibly useful for assignment 2, so thanks Aspen.


By tessamiller10

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