Less paper or paperless?

While reading the blog of a fellow student on the future of ICTs in 2020, I was reminded of realisation I had about this course. I don’t know about anybody else, but I have hardly used any paper so far! Most subjects I seem to be printing off paper left, right and centre! Has anyone else found the same thing?

One thing I have accummulated though is a tonne of online/digital resources in my ICT digital folder which seriously needs attending to! The previous paper items have been transformed and have to go somewhere. Hmmm, looks like I now need to work on a more efficient method of storing all my online resources for effective retrieval. Has anyone got any ideas for how they go about doing this?

There was a link on this student’s blog to the future of ICTs. Interestingly, it stated that ‘in ten years’ time, schools will decrease their paper consumption by no less than 90%’. I found that figure quite staggering, but if you take into account the increasing use of ICTs in schools(such as laptops, iPhones, iPads) it certainly cuts down on paper usage. Everything is stored and/or produced electronically, seriously reducing the carbon footprint.


By tessamiller10

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